We are based within level 1 of Main Outpatients in Corridor E, Diabetes Day Unit.

About Us

We provide a service to cover a wide range of endocrine conditions involving adrenal, thyroid, parathyroid, pituitary, reproductive system, and late effects service for cancer survivors within our general endocrinology clinics.

We provide in reach service to patients with any endocrinology related issues during their inpatient stay.

We provide radioiodine therapy for benign thyroid disorders.

We support the thyroid nodule service provided by our ENT colleagues.

We have in house multidisciplinary team meetings to discuss thyroid/parathyroid and adrenal cases with specialist Radiologists, Surgeons and Pathologist. We work closely with endocrinology and neurosurgery team at St Georges Hospital for our pituitary patients and liaise with all regional tertiary services for any complex conditions.


Useful information:

Information on most hormone related problems:  https://www.yourhormones.info/patients

Links to various patient support groups: Patient Support groups | You and Your Hormones from the Society for Endocrinology

Contact Us

Monday to Friday 9am to 5PM

khn-tr.endocrinologyanddiabetes@nhs.net or 02089346156 option 1

Comments, compliments or concerns – PALS on 0208 934 3993 or khft.pals@nhs.net


Booking a blood test: https://kingstonhospital.nhs.uk/patients-visitors/outpatients/booking-a-blood-test/ or call 0203 870 5766.

How to Refer

We accept referrals through NHS E-referral service from GPs.

Please note there are Community Diabetes Services available for most patients with Type2 DM.

GPs are welcomed to discuss any queries through Advice and guidance on NHS E-referral service.

Referrals from inpatient teams following discharge/from other hospitals: To be emailed to khn-tr.endocrinologyanddiabetes@nhs.net

Urgent queries: contact Endocrine Registrar / consultants via hospital switch board or  khn-tr.endocrinologyanddiabetes@nhs.net or Diabetes Specialist Nurse on 07788362539

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