We are based within level 1 of Main Outpatients in Corridor E, Diabetes Day Unit.

About Us

We provide treatment and specialist support for people with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes who have complex conditions.

Our services are based at Kingston Hospital.

We treat inpatients and outpatients, with both general and specialist clinics to help people with more complex conditions. We also work alongside specialist dieticians, podiatrists, endocrinologists and psychologists.

Services provided:

  1. Preconception care, Antenatal Diabetes -joint clinic with Obstetrics team
  2. Multidisciplinary team (MDT) clinic for people with Type 1 DM (T1DM)
  3. MDT clinic for young persons with T1DM and transition T1DM clinic – jointly with Paediatrics team
  4. Insulin pump MDT clinic
  5. Diabetes foot MDT clinic
  6. Renal diabetes clinic – jointly with Renal Clinicians
  7. Complex Type 2 Diabetes clinic
  8. Structured education for T1DM: DAFNE in house and online for people with T1DM on Multiple daily injections and Insulin Pump
  9. Comprehensive inpatient diabetes service
  10. Psychology support for complex patients with T1DM. This is currently provided by iCOPE to Kingston area. We would be recruiting a clinical psychologist to work alongside our team to provide access to all people with Diabetes.

Diabetes Day Unit

This is a nurse-led service that delivers care for people with diabetes who need additional support with managing their condition. We are open Monday to Friday from 08.30 to 16.30 and provide:

  • Specialist nurse and dietitian clinics
  • Assessment, management and advice for those with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes who have complex conditions
  • DAFNE education
  • Insulin pump therapy initiation and management
  • Pre-conceptual care and joint antenatal care
  • Adolescent and young people’s clinics

Outpatient services

We provide consultant-led clinics with services including:

  • General diabetes management
  • Joint renal clinics
  • Endocrine services
  • One-stop diabetic foot clinic

Community diabetes

Surrey Downs CCG offers a “Tier 3” service for people with more complex needs. This consists of increased specialist support at general practices and regular clinics at various sites in the area.

Inpatient Care  

  • Inpatient diabetes specialist nurse
  • Inpatient diabetes specialist dietitian
  • Inpatient diabetes specialist podiatrist

Patient Information

Diabetes UK:  www.diabetes.org.uk/

Diabetes and driving: www.gov.uk/diabetes-driving  and www.gov.uk/government/publications/information-for-drivers-with-diabetes

Type 1 DM resources:  www.t1resources.uk/home/

Diabetes and sports resource: www.runsweet.com/

JDRF link: https://jdrf.org.uk/

Diabetic foot resource: Diabetes (cop.org.uk)

Resource for children/young person with T1DM: https://www.digibete.org/

Contact Us

Email: khft.dduadmin@nhs.net   or dial 020 8546 7711, extension 6370

How to Refer

We accept referrals through NHS E-referral service from GPs.

Please note there are Community Diabetes Services available for most patients with Type2 DM.

GPs are welcomed to discuss any queries through Advice and guidance on NHS E-referral service.

Referrals from inpatient teams following discharge/from other hospitals: khft.dduadmin@nhs.net.

Urgent queries: contact Diabetes Specialist Nurse on 07788362539.


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