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The Bridge team specialist mental health midwife works closely with women who need addition support with their mental health during pregnancy. We work very closely with our local perinatal mental health teams.

The Wednesday morning antenatal clinic is a Joint perinatal mental health clinic with Florence Wilcock consultant obstetrician and Dr Pujol consultant perinatal psychiatrist. We care for women with moderate or severe mental health issues either that were present prior to pregnancy or that have developed in pregnancy. Women with less severe mental health problems will be referred to local IAPT (talking therapy) services and cared for by midwives. The perinatal mental health team has specialist mental health nurses and psychologists and can offer a wide range of treatments and support as well as advice on medication. Some women are offered a detailed pre-birth planning appointment at 32-34 weeks to make a comprehensive plan of care with both relevant close family members and health care professionals who are going to be involved around the time of birth.

Speak to your GP, midwife, health visitor or obstetrician if you feel you need our services & they can make a referral.

Mental Health Support

Wellbeing Services (NHS service) offers a range of free and confidential talking therapies and specialist support to help you feel better. They offer video consultation and group therapies, although they can tailor their support according to your personal and psychological needs.

Each Borough has its own self-referral pathway:

If you do not live in any of these areas, please ask your GP/ Midwife or Health visitor and they can assist. Alternatively, you can use your postcode in the following link to find out which services are around you:

Useful link for resources: 

Support for partners of birthing people 

Information about sleep hygiene and mindfulness:

Support for birthing people postnatally

If you experienced birth trauma:

Support for Refugees:

List of additional services:

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