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This service is available to you when you’ve completed your hospital-based breast cancer treatment.

At your consultation with an Advanced Nurse Practitioner, we’ll give you a treatment summary and create an ongoing care plan. We highlight the signs and symptoms that should be reported and tell you how to use our open access follow-up.

This means that you don’t have to wait for your regular follow-up appointment; you can call us if you have concerns and need support.

We’ll give you the knowledge and confidence to recognise and manage symptoms related to your previous diagnosis of breast cancer, or side-effects of treatment.


Breast Cancer Now runs an online or face to face course called Moving Forward after your cancer treatment.

Details can be found at :


Further information

Open Access Follow-Up for patients with primary breast cancer

Open Access Follow-up after treatment for primary breast cancer


Health and Wellbeing


·     Macmillan cancer support

·     Kingston Hospital Macmillan support

·    Cancer Counselling service

·     Emotional /anxiety:

·     Cancer Care Map

·     Maggie’s at The Royal Marsden

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