Bond star opens state-of-the-art Eye Unit at Kingston Hospital

24 November 2023

Julian Glover, Bond villain and voice of the giant animatronic spider Aragog, in Harry Potter’s Chamber of Secrets, recently opened Kingston Hospital’s new retina eye unit, a centre for excellence in the treatment of retinal conditions. 

The Nadhmi Auchi Retina Centre, which was developed with the help of Kingston Hospital Charity, will give ophthalmologists access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology to diagnose and deliver specialist care for a wide range of retinal conditions. These include age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, and other disorders. The new centre will also serve as a hub for innovation to explore and deliver new treatments. 

Clinical Lead and Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon at Kingston Hospital’s Royal Eye Unit, Mr Wisam Muen, said: “This new retina centre represents a significant step forward in our commitment to both eye care excellence and our mission to preserve and improve the precious gift of sight. We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Kingston Hospital Charity and all who have generously contributed to making this new centre a reality.”

Barnes based screen, stage and TV actor Julian Glover, who is a patient at Kingston Hospital’s Royal Eye Unit, said: “In 2016 I was brought in here with pneumonia, but they immediately spotted I had a heart complaint, and a fortnight later I had the operation for atrial fibrillation. So that’s seven years ago – I’ve been given life of this hospital so I’m very grateful. And I’m grateful now because I have macular degeneration which didn’t used to be treatable, but it is now, and it’s done so well by this hospital. I’ve now been given my sight back.”

The retina is essential for vision and when compromised can lead to visual impairment or even blindness.    

Our thanks to all who supported Kingston Hospital Charity’s fundraising campaign to develop this new unit, which is set to make a meaningful impact on the lives of many patients and their families by delivering care in the best possible clinical environment, as efficiently as possible. 

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