Maternity helpline

The maternity triage is a 24/7-hour service which assesses women above 18 weeks of pregnancy by either providing telephone information or face to face assessment. If you think you are in labour or have any concerns about you or your baby, then please call our maternity helpline on 0208 934 2802 during the hours of 9.30am and 7.30pm. Outside of these hours the call will be picked up by staff in our maternity triage. Please remember to bring your hand-held records with you if you are advised to attend the hospital, so that we can assess how your pregnancy has been progressing.

BSOTS (Birmingham Symptom-specific Obstetric Triage System)
If you are attending with an urgent concern, we aim to see you for an initial triage appointment within 15 minutes to carry out a brief assessment. After this, depending on the urgency of your situation, you may be asked to wait in the waiting room for ongoing care. We prioritise our patients based on their level of clinical need, not their order of arrival. This may mean that patients who arrive after you may be seen before you. We appreciate your patience and understanding—this helps us to provide safe and effective care.

Women are then seen in the following order:

  • Red (emergency): Seen and treated immediately
  • Amber (urgent): Normally seen within 15 minutes
  • Yellow (moderate): Normally seen within 45 minutes
  • Green (non-urgent): Normally seen within 4 hours

The maternity helpline is a dedicated helpline service that was open in January 2022 to provide our users with an opportunity to speak to a dedicated midwife every day, during the hours of 9.30am and 7.30pm every day, with any concerns or advice they require. Please call 0208 934 2802.

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