Maternity triage (Triage) is a 24-hour assessment area, where we provide individualised advice and assessment to women in early labour.

Maternity Triage is staffed by a senior midwife who will answer your initial telephone call and make a plan with you based on a series of question and answers. You may or may not be asked to attend in person.  

When to call Maternity Triage:
For early labour advice or waters have been released.

For more information regarding early labour advice please see the antenatal section in the patient information and the early labour advice sheet which can be found in your handheld notes.

You may attend maternity triage for a different clinical need during out of hours. We have introduced a standardised approach in Maternity Triage and the Day Assessment Unit (DAU). The new traffic light system prioritises the order in which you may be seen. After your initial face to face assessment, you may be asked to wait in one of the reception areas. Your wait may be between one to four hours depending on your clinical need. Please be assured we will endeavour to see you promptly.

If you have any concerns and wish to speak to a midwife please contact the DAU or Triage

Contact details:
Maternity Triage: 0208 934 2802
DAU: 0208 934 2358

Maternity Triage is located on the 1st floor of the Maternity Unit

If you have any concerns after your baby is born regarding yourself or newborn please contact your Community Midwife in the first instance, or Maternity Triage out of hours. We may suggest that you contact your GP.

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