Maternity helpline

If you think you are in labour, your waters have broken, you are bleeding, or you have concerns about your baby’s movements then please call our maternity helpline on 020 8934 2802. 

Our helpline is available to all women who are 18 weeks pregnant or more. The dedicated phone is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Please call the helpline if you have urgent concerns.

If you have given birth and are worried that your baby is unwell, please urgently call your GP or take them to your nearest Emergency Department.

If your concern is not urgent, please call your midwifery team. The number for your team is on the front of your hand-held notes or, if you have given birth, in your discharge pack.

If you want to change or schedule an antenatal appointment, please call 020 8934 2290.

What happens when I call the Maternity Helpline (Triage)

When you call the helpline, a senior midwife will ask you some questions

Please tell us anything about yourself or your baby that you think it is important we should know.

You may be asked to attend the Maternity Unit or you may be advised to remain at home.

It is important that you bring your handheld maternity notes with you. You are welcome to attend with a support partner.

If you have been asked to attend Triage, you will be seen by a midwife for an initial assessment within 15 minutes of arrival.

Your care is then prioritised according to need. You may be asked to wait in the waiting room for ongoing care.

We prioritise care based on each person’s level of clinical need, not their order of arrival. This may mean that people who arrive after you are seen before you.

We appreciate your patience and understanding – this helps us to provide safe and effective care.

What if I am less than 18 weeks pregnant?

If you are less than 18 weeks and have any concerns, please contact your GP.

In an emergency, visit your local Emergency Department.

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