Induction of labour

In most pregnancies labour starts naturally between 37 – 42 weeks.

There are many reasons why Induction of Labour (IOL) is recommended, the most common being to prevent pregnancy going beyond 42 weeks when the function of the placenta may decrease. IOL is therefore recommended at 41 weeks and 5 days for low risk women if they haven’t gone into labour naturally (NICE guidelines 2008). There may be other indications for offering an IOL, which will be explained by a doctor if this is applicable to you. All benefits and risks will be discussed with you.

The majority of ladies who are induced will remain as an inpatient, however some ladies may be suitable for an outpatient induction. Your midwife will be able to discuss your options with you.

There a two different methods of induction offered at Kingston Maternity; Prostaglandin and Mechanical. Your midwife will discuss your options with you and make a plan for your birth. An Induction can take up to 3 days so you are advised to bring comfort measures with you. We offer aromatherapy and promote colostrum harvesting and a calm environment for your time on the antenatal ward.

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