Delivery suite

The Delivery Suite (or Labour Ward) is both for healthy women and those with complications who may require more support during labour and birth.

Women giving birth in our Delivery Suite (also known as the labour ward) have one-to-one care from a midwife in their own room with their own bathroom. Additional care is provided by doctors if needed. These doctors are obstetricians and anaesthetists.

We provide an epidural service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our facilities enable women to have an active labour and birth including a room with a birthing pool and equipment such as mats and birthing balls. Our midwives will create a comfortable and relaxing birth environment. They can support you to try different positions which may help labour to progress.

We provide wireless and waterproof monitoring of your baby’s heart rate. Wireless monitoring enables you to move around freely.

We recommend giving birth on the Delivery Suite if you:

  • Have medical or obstetric complications.
  • Have had complications in a previous pregnancy or birth.
  • Go into labour before 37 weeks.
  • Require induction of labour. (Some inductions are supported to take place in our midwife-led Birth Centre – if this is your preference, please speak to your midwife).
  • Need to have an assisted vaginal birth (a forceps or ventouse suction cup) or a Caesarean birth.

You can also give birth on the Delivery Suite if it is your choice, particularly if you would like an epidural during labour.

Pain relief options:

  • Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) (you will need to supply your own machine)
  • Hydrotherapy (pool)
  • Entonox (“Gas and Air”)
  • Pethidine
  • Epidural (find out more about epidurals)

You can find out more information about pain relief here.

Birth options information:

Transfer from Delivery Suite

If your birth has been straightforward, you will usually be moved to a postnatal ward within two hours. If both you and your baby are well, you can choose to go home directly from Delivery Suite.

If you need to be monitored closely following the birth, you will be transferred to our High Dependency Unit for a few hours before moving to the postnatal ward. Women who have a Caesarean birth, for example, will initially be cared for in the High Dependency Unit.

Delivery suite Facilities

  • 8 birthing rooms all with en-suite, 1 pool room
  • 4-bedded High Dependency Unit
  • 2-bedded Recovery area
  • 2 Obstetric Theatres

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Visiting times

You are welcome to have 2 named birthing partners with you during labour. If you give birth in Theatre, you can have 1 birth partner with you. Please be aware that other visitors can only visit you once you are transferred to the postnatal ward. Visiting hours are 3-8pm. We welcome a maximum of 2 visitors at the bedside on the postnatal ward. Your own children may visit you, but no other children are permitted in the wards.


Meals are available for mothers only.

Breakfast 08:00.

Lunch      12:30.

Dinner     17:30.

Special dietary requirements can be accommodated.

Location: First floor of the Maternity Unit.

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