Better Together: Our partnership with HRCH

8 March 2022

We know that working together with other local health and care organisations means we are better able to provide the kind of joined up health and care services that local people want – services which are fair for all and provide good value for money.

It is only by working together that we can tackle larger population health issues and healthcare inequalities, helping to prevent unnecessary hospital admissions, and keeping our local residents healthy.

To this end, the boards of Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare NHS Trust and Kington Hospital NHS Foundation Trust have agreed to a close partnership arrangement.

We already have a joint Chief Executive, Chairman and Chief Nurse. And from April 2022, the two executive leadership teams will come together as a Committee in Common which will be empowered to make key strategic decisions with the benefit of expertise and insight from across our full range of services.

We call this exciting programme of work Better Together and we’ve created a microsite where we will share regular updates. Find out more at:

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