Estates and facilities updates

Here you will information about our latest plans to improve the hospital environment.

Recent projects

Over the last two years, the following projects have been completed:

  • Regent Wing, Roehampton Wing and Command Centre vacated
  • Refurbishment of Endoscopy (Level 7, Esher Wing)
  • Refurbishment and remodelling of Esher Wing Level 1 and Estates & Facilities
  • Refurbishment of Vera Brown House for clinical administration space
  • Modular office builds completed for Rainbow and Regent Unit
  • Redevelopment of Main Outpatients Level 2 pre-op assessment
  • Remodelling and expansion of Rowan Bental Wing interventional suites for cardiology and radiology
  • Creation of Sunflower building (mental health unit)
  • Opening of Willow Building for Gynaecology Outpatients (read more)

Current projects

Containing: 6 audiology consultation rooms, 4 audiology booths, 7 exam/procedure rooms, hearing aid lab, histology room, staff and administration areas.

A staff car park below the building is also due to open in April 2023.

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  • Bernard Meade Wing extension

Starting in July 2022, Bernard Mead Wing will be extended to provide additional space for the Royal Eye Unit and Paediatrics. The project is due to complete in March 2023.

  • Royal Eye Unit extension (due for completion November 2023)

Providing a dedicated area for the treatment and diagnosis of macular degeneration.

Containing: 4 injection cubicles, 3 vision lanes, 2 imaging rooms, 5 consultation spaces

  • Paediatric Oncology extension (due for completion November 2023)

Providing a dedicated area for the treatment of children with cancer who are attending for day care.

Containing: 2 negative pressure cubicles, 3 chemotherapy bays, reception, supporting staff areas

  • Landscape strategy

The creation of a vibrant, green, therapeutic landscape, between, around and within the hospital buildings by an extensive tree planting strategy, designed gardens and courtyard areas, and the greening of the existing network of routes and adjacent buildings.

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