Diversity Champions

To support our Equality, Diversity & Inclusion strategy, we have recruited and trained Diversity Champions. These are employees within the Trust who feel passionate about helping to drive behavioural and cultural change across the organisation. The role of the EDI Champion is important because they will work at service level helping to create a fair, accepting, inclusive and educated culture which in turn will help to reduce the chances and any occurrence of discrimination allowing employees to feel welcome, safe and valued.

The EDI Champions will:

  • Help to raise awareness of equality, diversity and inclusion and the Trust’s strategy and action plan
  • Be the point of contact for staff in their department and advise informally on equality, diversity and inclusion issues and procedures
  • Encourage individuals to speak up on any issues or concerns they may have
  • Raise awareness of relevant policies and guidelines reiterating local adherence to these
  • Share information on Trust initiatives and opportunities such as reverse mentoring, inclusive interviewing, listening events
  • Encourage membership of the Trust’s staff networks
  • Support inclusive recruitment and selection by ensuring their department adheres to the policies and guidelines

The role is open to all staff and is particularly encouraged for leaders within their department with the remit to cascade essential information to their teams and provide leadership support on equality diversity and inclusion matters.

If you are a staff member and are interested in becoming a Diversity Champion, please contact khft.equalities@nhs.net.

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