Our partnership with HRCH

To help us deliver our joint strategy, Kingston Hospital is planning to merge with Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare (HRCH) later this year, subject to NHS England and Secretary of State approval.

You won’t notice any immediate changes, but in time, this should lead to better and more joined up healthcare.

Later this year, the name of our trust may change to reflect this new organisation, but our services will remain the same.

Why do we want to merge?

We believe a merger would benefit patients and make us a stronger team. We want to put patient outcomes first and seamlessly provide care throughout the patient journey.

We know from healthcare services elsewhere that, by bringing our services and resources together and working as one team, we will be able to focus on keeping people well in their own homes for as long as possible.

For our staff, being part of a single organisation will make it easier to gain experience in different areas and increase opportunities for professional development and career progression.

A new name for our partnership

Following the merger, the name of our Trust which is our governing body, will change to reflect our new organisation that provides care in people’s homes, the community and our hospitals.

Our services will remain the same and site names such as Kingston Hospital and Teddington Memorial Hospital will not change.

Following NHS naming guidelines our proposed new name is Kingston and Richmond NHS Foundation Trust.

You can have your say on our new name by completing our short online form.

Your questions answered

Will services change?
People won’t notice any immediate changes but over time we will bring together experts in different specialties, into one team, to provide more seamless local care.

You will still be able to access all the services that you do currently – your GP, community clinic and hospital appointments will remain the same.

How will the merger affect Your Healthcare services?
Your Healthcare will continue to provide community services working in partnership with us. This will not change as a result of the merger.

How will HRCH community services be affected – does this mean I will now have to go to Kingston Hospital?
We are planning to move more of our services out of the hospital and into the community. There are currently no plans to move HRCH services from the community into the hospital. 

Will the merger impact on my continued use of Kingston Hospital as a resident of Kingston borough?
The merger will not affect your ability to use Kingston Hospital – Kingston Hospital services will not change, and you can continue to use the hospital as you always have done.

The merger will bring in community health services within Richmond and Kingston to work hand-in-hand with the hospital, which will mean we can deliver a more seamless service when people need additional support after a stay in hospital. In time we will also join up teams where this makes sense, so they can share expertise across the hospital and in the community, which we believe will improve outcomes and people’s overall experience of healthcare.

Will the merged organisation still be a Foundation Trust?

Will Kingston Hospital and Teddington Memorial Hospital be changing their names?
No. When we merge, the name of our Trust which is our governing body, will change, but site names such as Kingston Hospital and Teddington Memorial Hospital will not change.

Submit a question or comment

If you have any other questions or comments about our partnership, you can submit a question or a comment via our online form.

Committee in Common

In April 2022, we brought the executive leadership teams of our two organisations together as one, establishing a Committee in Common which is empowered to make key strategic decisions with the benefit of expertise and insight from across the full range of services.

The Committee in Common (CiC) is a collaborative meeting between board committees from HRCH and Kingston Hospital, with some delegated authority.

Committee in Common members

Committee in Common meetings are held in public and are in person, with an option to join virtually. If you would like to join a meeting, please email suki.chandler@nhs.net

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